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Perks of the Job: Legends Interviews

No matter how cool your job may be, it’s still a job and sometimes you need a reminder of how lucky you are. Well, I got one of those this week when I had the chance to catch up with a trio of Celtics legends, guys who paved the way for the NBA stars of today.

Dave Cowens, JoJo White and Satch Sanders were among the Celtics legends in town for the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation’s Summer Soiree event last week, and the guys were gracious enough to give us a few minutes for the Celtics digital media outlets. They’re classy guys who enjoy talking about the old days and the legacy they helped to create.

Not every team has this type of history, so we’re fortunate to have so many true icons of the game at our disposal. It’s an honor and pleasure to chat with them and help share their stories with our fans online.

Dave Cowens

JoJo White

Satch Sanders

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Peter Stringer is in his ninth season with the Boston Celtics. Currently serving as the team's Senior Director of Digital Media, Stringer manages the the team's interactive and social media marketing and strategy.

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