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This is someone’s dream job.

The @Lakers are now hiring for a Social Media Manager. #smsports

Looking for someone unbelievably creative, content savvy, and ready to do it unlike any other team in sports.


#Celtics sweep #Pacers! Extensive look back, #Bucks preview. Erotic City's back. Kyrie Irving's happy. Gordon Hayward's back. Depth! Balance. Marcus Smart timeline.



Just got an Instagram ad for Canon lenses from Amazon. How does Amazon know that I love photography gear but not know that I shoot on Nikon?? I’ve bought two lenses from them.

Ernie, Charles, Shaq and Kenny followed with a conversation about Russ/Berry. Was nice to see Charles and Kenny explain why Russ should be better in these situations. It’s one thing for guys like me to say it. But it registers differently when it comes from respected ex-players.

A Facebook Watch creator with more than a half-million followers said reach has fluctuated and the level of creator support from Facebook has gone down

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