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“I’ll Write It…And We’ll Do it Live!”

Broadcasting is probably not my strong suit, but I had the chance to try a little something different on Friday, filling in as a guest co-host on the weekly live webcast for Hubspot, an inbound marketing company in Cambridge, MA. Joining Hubspot CMO Mike Volpe for their live streaming “Marketing Update,” I took a crack at live broadcasting for the first time. And while I was given a format ahead of time for the basic outline of the show, for the most part, the show was pretty spontaneous, and in the proud tradition of Bill O’Reilly, Mike wrote it and we did it LIVE.

We covered a bunch of topics from the news of the week in social media in digital marketing, and spoke quite a bit about my role at the Celtics and how we attack social media. There’s a few laughs along the way as well.

I probably didn’t look at the camera enough, and my eyes just tend to wander when I talk in any setting, but overall I thought it went pretty well. Thanks to Mike and the team at Hubspot for allowing me to take part in the show. It was fun to do, and a pretty unique experience. We had a lot of fun with it, but I think Mr. O’Reilly’s job is safe for now.

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Peter Stringer is in his ninth season with the Boston Celtics. Currently serving as the team's Senior Director of Digital Media, Stringer manages the the team's interactive and social media marketing and strategy.

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